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Mrs. Randolph Keim, first Connecticut State Regent, visited Simsbury on July 1, 1893, to try and organize a new chapter. She aroused such great interest that our chapter, the thirteenth in the state, was organized on November 11, 1893. The Charter was granted on May 8, 1894, and the name
"Abigail Phelps" was chosen at a meeting held January 15, 1895.

The name Abigail Phelps was chosen because she was the mother of three Revolutionary War officers, David, Elisha, and Noah. When the charter was granted in 1894, twenty-one members were lineal descendants of Abigail. The photo shows the gravestone of Abigail's son Noah who was known as the "Hero of Fort Ticonderoga."

Abigail was born Abigail Pettibone on April 22, 1706. She married David Phelps in 1731. They had ten children. David (died in infancy), David, Abigail, Elisha, Noah, Rachel, Ruth, Sarah, Susannah, and Lois. Her husband, David Phelps, served in the Connecticut Militia during the French and Indian War. He died of smallpox in 1760, while serving in the militia. Twelve years after her husband's death, when she was sixty-five years old, Abigail married Deacon David Strong of Bolton, Connecticut. They lived in Bolton and Abigail died there in 1787, and was buried in the Bolton Center Cemetery.

Over the last 110 years, our chapter has been very active in our community. We have placed memorials in the cemetery and markers around town noting historic locations. We have given thousands of dollars in college scholarships, we hold American history essay contests, give "DAR Good Citizen" awards to worthy high school seniors, and so much more. In general, it is our goal to promote patriotism and historic education.

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